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Are there ways to make your traveling/delivery needs more efficient? 

  • Plan trips intentionally /based on location

  • Looking into more efficient vehicles such as hybrid/electric; does it make sense to incorporate cycling services?



Does your business include airplane or car travel? Is it possible to cut some of those out with more video conferences or phone calls?

Is it possible for employees to work from home once a week?

Create Employee Incentives:

  • Bike/walk/bus to work

  • Carpool 

  • “Leave the car at home day”

  • Have a bike rack or safe place for bikes, or extra bike locks for use

  • Reduced rate bus passes

Air Quality

Replace toxic permanent ink markers and pens with a water-based variety.

Use non-toxic cleaning products and least-toxic disinfecting products such as oxygen-based instead of chlorine-based bleach, unless otherwise required by law.

Do not use aerosol sprays of any kind; replace with pump dispensers and refill with bulk multipurpose cleaning products .

Use low- or no-VOC paint products and adhesives.

Use non-toxic techniques both inside and outside the facility to prevent and control insects and weeds.

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