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Electronics & Equipment

  • Enable sleep mode/power save features on computers and other equipment (printers, copiers) when they are on break from use - power management software programs are available for separate purchase.

  • Turn off electronics at night when you’re not using them. Use a single powerstrip to make this easier

  • Use smart power strips that turn off peripheral equipment

  • Invest in energy efficient office equipment as older equipment needs replacing

  • Purchase ENERGY STAR®-certified equipment (including office products, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc) and ensure ENERGY STAR settings are enabled.

  • Consider purchasing computers and monitors that meet the more environmentally-stringent Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT®) certification

  • Need a new company vehicle? Consider a fuel-efficient or hybrid/electric vehicle.

  • Use a vending machine? Use a sensor to turn it off when not being used.


  • Let the sunshine in! Turn lights off when not needed. Position workspaces to be near natural light. Consider removing lights where they are not needed.

  • Transition to all LED bulbs and recycle fluorescent lightbulbs properly

  • Install motion detected lights where there is infrequent activity/common areas (ex: bathrooms, conference rooms)



Programmable thermostats to lower temps after business hours

Building Maintenance

  • Change Hvac filters regularly - at least twice a year

  • Use cold water for cleaning and laundry

  • Seal air gaps around door and windows with weather stripping or other methods.

  • Insulate hot water pipes and cold suction lines

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