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product use

What do you bring in?

  • First step: Do you really need it? Make a commitment to reducing incoming packaging. Make sustainable purchases as needed (sourcing, longevity, packaging). Buy used when it makes sense to.

  • Product packaging:

    • Is it plastic-free? Is it recyclable or compostable? Is it sustainably sourced?

    • Does it contain toxic materials?

    • Can you buy in bulk? (ex: cleaning supplies)

    • Encourage your suppliers to use minimal packaging

    • Is this product designed to be repairable?

    • Can you buy it locally? Consider a “100-mile diet” if possible

    • Are your suppliers using recyclable, compostable or reusable materials?

    • Purchase office paper products and janitorial paper products with the highest post-consumer recycled content.

    • Purchase the more cost-effective remanufactured toner cartridges.

    • Use a printing service? Look for Sustainable Guidelines for Printers (SGP) certified printers (locally, Bolger on Como Ave is an example)

    • Need office furniture/equipment? Buy refurbished or made of recycled/recyclable materials.

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Before you throw, can it be fixed?

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