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energy efficiency

You don't have to add solar to your roof to be energy efficient. There are lots of great options to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bill! There are also many programs that will help foot the bill for any larger projects you're up for. Not sure where to start? Consider an energy audit.

Get an energy audit and assess where you can make the largest and quickest improvements. These are often free or supported and will connect you with rebates that you qualify for.

Xcel rebates and benefits include equipment rebates, renewable energy programs, building support, and rate options.

Changing a few energy habits can make a huge difference! Consider an energy efficient appliance the next time you need to upgrade. Lighting, temperatures, and HVAC systems can all contribute to less energy.

The Saint Paul Port Authority, MinnPACE and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency are just some resources you can consider when looking at money-saving opportunities for projects and financing.

Let's face it. We all need to use some energy. There are ways to offset some of this energy, and sometimes that can help balance things out.

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